[Listening Party] Fleurie – ‘Love and War’

Fleurie first captured our attention with her 2015 EP, Arrows, featuring an array of emotional stories of heartbreak, newfound love and the journey to self-discovery. Today, the Nashville singer releases her new album, Love and War, dubbed as her “cinematic song collection” following the success of song placements in various movies and TV shows such as The Originals, Scream and Concussion.

Love and War features four new tracks just as chill-inducing as what we’ve previously heard. From the opening title track of “Love and War” to the buzzworthy sounds of “Soldier,” “Breathe” and “Sirens,” this album not only showcases the singer’s true talent but encompasses a haunting, orchestral sensibility only Fleurie can concoct flawlessly.

Nothing beats the breathy, heart-pounding gem that is “Can You Hear Me?” while “Don’t Let Me Down” takes on a darker, hip-hop approach that’s quite unforgettable. Ending with tearjerker, “Hurts Like Hell,” we’re given a moment to ponder what it’s like to have loved and lost.

Listen to Love and War below:

Love and War is available now here.

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