[WATCH] XYLØ – “What We’re Looking For”

Riding high on the success of their buzzworthy music video for “Alive,” LA sibling duo, XYLØ are back with more new music to swoon over this weekend.

New track, “What We’re Looking For,” is an ode to those almost-relationships – the ones where you “look good on paper” but the chemistry just isn’t flowing as freely as you’d like – or those short-lived ones where it’s inevitable that it isn’t going to work out.

Reminiscent of “Setting Fires” – the duo’s 2016 collaboration with The Chainsmokers, “What We’re Looking For” offers listeners a cathartic yet uplifting anthem for those dying to move on as this video picks up right where “Alive” left off.

Watch the video for “What We’re Looking For” below:

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