[LISTEN] Wildlife – “Dead Century”

One thing that’s for certain – anyone who’s a fan of wildlife is surely going to be a good person, so for a whole band to name themselves after it makes me believe they’re going to be the nicest people in the world. Canadian rockers Wildlife have been busy over the last couple years enjoying the live circuit since releasing their previous album On The Heart back in 2013, but now they look set to release some new material in the form of their new single, titled “Dead Century.”

Complete with sweet guitar melodies, bright basslines and gutsy vocals, “Dead Century” does an excellent job at becoming a track that thrives on being as anthemic as possible. The chorus is boosted by a huge rush of energy backed up by synthesizers which immediately sweep you off your feet – which alongside the already solid instrumentation blossoms into a sound that is overwhelmingly good. The vocals soar into unbelievable heights while the instrumental surrounds you in a rush of pure ecstasy – it’s kind of like being caught in the middle of the world’s nicest tornado.

Wildlife have firmly announced themselves as a band to watch this year with the release of “Dead Century.” Never has a track gotten me so excited to hear the record as much as this. It’s a beautifully crafted tune that never fails to impress me. Wildlife’s new album remains pretty anonymous at this moment but does have a release date of summer 2016, so I’m sure there will be details released pretty soon. But yeah, Wildlife is a wonderful thing.

Listen to “Dead Century” below:

Adam Reeve

Adam Reeve

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