[LISTEN] Tribe Society – “Pain Told Love” feat. Kiesza

What do you get when you blend music’s best up-and-comers together on a track that has the potential to make you feel all the feels? A night in with Kleenex. (For reals though, it’s been a rough month..)

Tribe Society have teamed up with 90’s-dance-revivalist Kiesza to bring you “Pain Told Love,” – a track filled with enough emotion to last you through the last few hours of this weekend, taken from the band’s debut Lucid Dreams EP. I’ve been clinging to this track recently, as things have unfolded in my life in the most unpleasant way. It’s just nice to know it don’t only rain on my window, ya know?

Dive into “Pain Told Love” below:

They say see you gotta feel the pain
It helps to know it don’t only rain on your window
Those times when I heard you cry, I let you be
No one knows you quite like me

Pain comes and you find a way to build your world around it
And when it hurts get inside the pain and wrap your arms around it
I heard pain tell love, she said “where would I be without you?”
So love I better find a way to build my world around you

And even if you don’t go, and even if you never know
Even if you hide away and always stay home
You gotta make a friend of pain
‘Cause hurricanes make flowers grow

They say that the world’s a stage and life’s a show
It’s all a dance and dosey-doe
The sun when it lights the moon it hides the day
Only a fool would wish the night away

I took a little vacation
Took a bunch of medication
Just trying something to for the pain
I just couldn’t take the pain
I gotta better education
For a little vegetation
A little something for the pain
Give me something for the pain

Lucid Dreams is available now here.


Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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