[LISTEN] The Summer Set Definitely Ain’t ‘Missin’ You’

Ah how much we missed them though…

The Summer Set went through a creatively challenging time during the past year – as frontman Brian Logan Dales revealed in a lengthy blog post – but they came back like a boomerang.

Following the release of “Figure Me Out,” here is another sample of what the new album will sound like. “Missin’ You” is another incredibly catchy pop anthem from the band about getting through a relationship – a topic everyone can relate to one way or another. Screaming, “Hell yeah! Alright! I ain’t missin’ you!” at the top of your lungs is the perfect cure for heartbreak and to feel better about yourself. This would be powerful during a live show.

Check out the video for “Missin’ You” below:

The new album Stories For Monday is coming April 1 (no joke here). You can pre-order to receive this new track instantly. The band is also heading out on tour across the US and UK this spring. Ticket info and dates here!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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