[LISTEN] The Pretty Reckless – “Take Me Down”

Back in 2014, The Pretty Reckless boldly proclaimed their dedicated passion for rock ‘n roll at all costs with the release of their sophomore album, Going to Hell. Now, two years later, that same theme is more relevant then ever with the release of “Take Me Down.”

The single opens with sounds of a solo electric guitar as singer Taylor Momsen‘s hushed voice proclaims the bands bold mantra, “You know I gave my life to rock ‘n roll.” As the song progresses, both the instrumentation – including a dash of keyboard, powerful drums, and a killer guitar solo, and Momsen’s raspy voice project reassurance in the bands commitment.

“Take Me Down” is nostalgic of 70’s rock, which set the precedent for what the genre is today, offering a sense of promise, not only for the band’s third album, but behind the lyric, “As long as I’m alive, all I want to do is rock.”

Listen to “Take Me Down” below:

Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn's studies journalism at the University of Oklahoma and has contributed to local publications.