[LISTEN] The Maine’s John O’Callaghan Haunts With New Project, John The Ghost

If you’re an avid The Maine follower, you should probably know by now that lead vocalist John O’Callaghan is currently promoting a solo project under the moniker John The Ghost.

His first release Sincerely, John The Ghost is a collection of words in the form of a 6-track EP alongside a 90-page book. The first single “Sour Grapes” released on April 12 caused the excitement of his fans and left them craving for more.

In a way that only John O’Callaghan could do, the 25 minutes long EP portrays a variety of emotions and different states of mind that were scattered in the singer’s brain for a certain amount of time. I’ll never get tired of saying that this man possesses quite a beautiful and poetic way with words, one that most certainly will make you feel things.

“The Ghost haunts the far corners of my head and permanently lives in a flat he built on the tip of my tongue. He is everything I wished I’d both said and done when I had the chance but simply forgot how. He isn’t quite sure why he has so much to say, or if he really means much of it at all, but this is what his voice sounds like and these are his songs.” – John O’Callaghan

Listen to Sincerely, John The Ghost below:

Get Sincerely, John The Ghost here and on iTunes.

Naty Cuéllar

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