[LISTEN] The Jackobins – “Nightfire”

Liverpool’s The Jackobins recently captured our attention with their spooky new track, “Nightfire.” After surviving a drastic lineup change, the band are back and better than ever, honing their sound and showcasing the best of what’s to come.

“Nightfire” is just months away from being at the forefront of all of those Halloween playlists (which is only five months away, if you can believe it) and is probably the band’s most anthemic track to date.

“‘Nightfire’s’ concept arises from the idea that when it comes to inner struggle we should open up, rather than let pride act as a vice. Sometimes our demons are extremely close to consuming ones identity and too compelling to fight on our own. It’s a song reminding us that we shouldn’t forget that even tho at times it might seem so, we’re never alone.”

Listen to “Nightfire” below:

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