[LISTEN] Northern Faces – “Messin’ With Me”

If you’ve had thoughts of hanging up your passion due to numerous setbacks, boy do we have the track for you! We’ve all experienced it at some point – hell, even I’ve thought about shutting down this site after frustration after frustration continues to weigh heavy on me.

Northern Faces are set to drop their sophomore record later this year but first single, “Messin’ With Me,” will keep you on your toes until its release with its heart-pounding rhythms and infectious message universal to anyone sacrificing anything to follow their dreams.

Singer Bryan Shortell had this to say about the track:

“‘Messin’ With Me’ is a song that was born out of pure frustration. We were up to 20 or 30 demos that we had written for the new record, and it finally felt like we’d hit our stride. After months of writing and re-writing these tracks, the album finally felt like it was coming together. We had a producer and a studio lined up, and it felt like we were nearing the finish line. 

Our producer was on the road with a couple of bands we really respect, and hit us up asking us to send him a few demos. He said one of the bands wanted to help out and give us some feedback. We sent over two tracks right away – clearly in the demo stages still, but very close to our heart. That night we got back a video message that ended up changing the course of the entire record.

‘Messin’ With Me’ is the first song that was born from that message. A message that turned out to be nothing but a big misunderstanding, but ended up inspiring a batch of new songs that would become the cornerstone of this new record. It’s a song for anyone who’s ever felt like it might finally be time to close the door on your dreams. It’s a song for anyone who thinks their time has run out, and it’s time to stop playing “pretend” and hang it up – to settle down. But mostly, it’s a song for anyone who knows what it’s like to get knocked down, and get right the fuck back up.  Not because you want to, but because you have to.

This song is as much confident and self assured, as it is uncertain and insecure. It’s for everyone out there living life with fingers crossed.”

Listen to “Messin’ With Me” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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