[LISTEN] Night Lights – “Felicity”

Multinational indie pop/rock band, Night Lights, are back with another killer single for your listening pleasure…and just in time for the weekend! “Felicity” is an uptempo gem that sheds a little light into our current dark world and is set to be featured on the band’s upcoming EP out this spring.

“‘Felicity’ is a song about a girl who is a personification of the word ‘felicidad,’ which means happiness in Spanish. So as you’d expect, the song is about happiness– about how hard happiness is to obtain, and how easy it is to get lost in all the suffering in the world,” stated lead singer Mau Jimenez. “The song is an anthem to remind those of us in Night Lights, and hopefully anyone who listens, that happiness is a choice, and that it can be shared.”

Listen to “Felicity” below:

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