[LISTEN] The New Division – “Fader”

It’s safe to say that whenever The New Division releases anything new, the urge to find the right words leads to us just wanting to use the shocked face and heart eyes emoji.

Just when listeners thought they’d had a little taste of new material with last month’s “No Pride In Paradise” release, we are graced with the title track from TND’s upcoming EP due out in January. “Fader” takes things to a whole other level, leaving listeners electrified.

“I wrote ‘Fader’ after having a dream about a film I’d seen when I was just a kid,” singer John Kunkel told Variance. “I don’t remember what the film’s name was but I recall the imagery vividly and decided to write a song about it. I’ve been searching for that film for years and hopefully one day will find it, but until then the song and my memory will have to suffice.”

Listen to “Fader” below:

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