[LISTEN] MADUS – “Enjoy The Night”

The Brits have pretty much claimed indie music as their own, especially since the 90’s and the later noughties heydays of the genre. However, this hasn’t stopped artists from the other side of the pond to conquer these waves. From the recent emerge of new US acts within this circle, Los Angeles indie band MADUS are swiftly becoming one of our favorites.

A straightforward songwriting style about every day experiences shows on the new single “Enjoy The Night,” and lead singer/ guitarist Dugan Cruz explains:

“After years of being in the music scene we’ve walked into bar after bar and watched countless bands play.  Once in a while you can walk into a bar with no expectations and have a band you’ve never heard of blow you away and make your night something special.  ‘Enjoy the Night’ reminds us to not overthink every little thing and enjoy the little things in life.”

Not only that is so true but somehow, they perfectly capture the moment with the music composition. It’s a track that when played live, captivates your attention as you walk into the bar. The moment you know you will be in for a good night of music; that is what comes through the recording itself and you haven’t even left the house yet!

Listen to “Enjoy The Night” below:


Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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