[LISTEN] Lola Blanc – “Don’t Say You Do”

After taking a break from the music industry in order to diligently craft, and find, her true sound, singer-songwriter (including a Britney Spears hit) Lola Blanc has accomplished just that with the release of her new single, “Don’t Say You Do.”

For Blanc, along with a fresh start comes the most essential element: brutal honesty – both internally and in relationships in order to experience true independence. She comes to this conclusion in the song by asking the vital question to the one who deceived her, “If you don’t want it? Why’d you take it? How come you bought it just to break it?”

Blancs hushed voice, accompanied by a lone piano that channels the 1920’s vaudeville era, builds in the chorus, representing her escape from falsehood to finding herself through freedom.

“Don’t Say You Do” proves to be a genuine representation of the voice Lola Blanc had been fighting to regain, making the release of her first official EP, The Magic, look promising.

Listen to “Don’t Say You Do” below:


Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn's studies journalism at the University of Oklahoma and has contributed to local publications.