[LISTEN] Leitbur – “Antique Travelers”

The release of title track, “Antique Travelers,” marks the end of the Leitbur previews until their album drops on May 6. Luckily enough, today’s pick should hold you over until then as 80’s synth goodness gives way to a more in-depth look at the album’s theme.

“‘Antique Travelers,’ the song that gave the album its name, has multiple meanings — it refers to a trip that we took to the central coast of California during the first year we were together, driving aimlessly and finding random antique shops to explore. Secondly, it’s a song about the nature of nostalgia, about remembering not just the warm memories of your past, but about what you planned for the future. Lastly, this song — and the whole album — borrows heavily from the tropes and conceits of the ‘80s, traveling there figuratively.”

Listen to “Antique Travelers” below:

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Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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