[LISTEN] Katelyn Tarver – “Hate To Tell You”

If you’re looking for a brand new breath of good pop tunes, Katelyn Tarver might be your best shot. You may recognize this American singer and actress from a couple TV shows, not to mention the fact that she once toured with The Cab and Parachute around 2012. How cool, right?

Katelyn is ready to make her name stand up on its own and make sure to bring back the goodness in pop songs. Last year she released the outstanding single “Weekend Millionaires” then she went back to work and graced us all with the release of a couple more singles over these past few months.

“Hate To Tell You” is Tarver’s newest release and let me just say it is not only a girl power anthem but also a confidence booster. Katelyn says:

| “When I wrote this song, I was in the mood to be sarcastic and wanting to create a girl power song. I had just been to a terrible club in Hollywood, so the inspiration was easily accessible.

The track, co-written and produced by the one and only BURNS, is the kind of catchy-dreamy pop song we’re willing to listen to on repeat and one that every girl that’s ever been on a terribly annoying night out will relate to.

Listen to “Hate To Tell You” below:


Naty Cuéllar

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