[LISTEN] HÅN – “1986”

Following the release of her gorgeous debut single, “The Children,” Italian singer-songwriter HÅN returns with new track, “1986.”

Dreamy and hypnotic are the most common ways to describe HÅN’s signature sound but nothing prepares you for the goosebumps that come along with “1986.”

“‘1986’ is to me the strangest track on the EP  since it’s very personal lyrically but at the same time, it has a production which is really different from everything I’ve ever made. The question which goes through the song (“why are you still there if there’s no one to please you?”) sums up the meaning of it,” shares the singer. “Even if reasons are opposite, both sides are stuck in the same situation of misery and what they lack is the action to leave. The song it’s not just a personal tale, but also a sort of reflection of what I have seen around me, there are elements that recur in the most of relationships and they’re at the heart of them. 1986 is the year my parents met.”

Listen to “1986” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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