[LISTEN] GEMOLOGY – “Come Around”

Just when you thought Joanie Wolkoff couldn’t get any more perfect, something like this comes along and dazzles the crap out of us. Bi-coastal project, GEMOLOGY, with LA producer/multi-instrumentalist Natasha Chitayat, formed in 2014 when the duo were trapped in a Brooklyn recording studio during a torrential rain storm. Shortly after, first single, “First & Last” was born but it’s been quiet on the GEMOLOGY front until now. “Come Around” is a gorgeous CHVRCHES-esque daydream of a track that should leave a mark in the blogosphere in no time.

“We wrote “Come Around” together through the digital ether with an entire continent between us. When we do hang out on the same soil, we get to be our giddy, goofball old-soul selves and get fired up over bubble tea and urban wildlife… and of course, we dish the dirt about love. We wanted to capture that energy and gift it, distilled in a song, to people at any age, in any location or any walk of life. “Come Around” is a love song shimmering with uncertainty and euphoria.”

Listen to “Come Around” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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