[LISTEN] Empathy Test – “Bare My Soul”

London’s Empathy Test have dazzled us once again with their new synthpop dream, “Bare My Soul.” Brooding and cinematic like all good electro-pop tracks should be, “Bare My Soul” kicks off a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the self-release of the band’s debut album, due out on June 23.

“’Bare My Soul’ is literally about doing just that; baring one’s soul. Isaac was initially inspired by a radio documentary he heard about Kurt Cobain, in which someone said, “[Kurt] had this ability to…bare his soul, in a way that no one else could”. The music mirrors that feeling of release when you finally get things off your chest, moving from the dark, suffocating tightness of the verses into the bright, open space of the choruses. The people in the song; Stephen, Blythe, Cassandra and Sophie, are all real people that Isaac encountered growing up

Listen to “Bare My Soul” below:

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