[LISTEN] Dream Estate – “Half The World Away”

Electro-pop act, Dream Estate, recently released their dreamy debut single, “Half The World Away,” and we’re already awaiting their next release! An ode to long-distance young love, the track holds remnants of that good ol’ 80’s synthpop with a mix of modern day favorites like flor, Magic Man and The 1975.

“‘Half The World Away’ is a chapter of a love story in which one’s lover is moving abroad. The song talks about the different emotions you go through when you are about be separated from someone close, learning to deal with the problems when they are away, and reconciling upon their return. It is told from the perspective of someone fearing the consequences of separation and the thought of reminiscing of intimacy with one’s lover when they are gone.”

Listen to “Half The World Away” below:

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