[LISTEN] Dear Kora – “Sunflower”

Ambient-rock trio, Dear Kora, tugged on our heartstrings with their debut single, “Sunflower.” The LA-based band’s lead singer, Avery Robitaille, was raised in Indonesia, where she found inspiration for the band’s name based on a tribe that she keeps close to her heart. Paired with guitarist Kevin Holm and drummer Sean Baker, Dear Kora are destined for greatness and are soon to be your new favorite band once you get a taste of their infectious sound. Fans of PVRIS, Tonight Alive and Against The Current shall be thrilled!

Since I was raised in Indonesia surrounded by a variety of different cultures, I had an amazing childhood that helped to shape the way I live my life now,” stated Robitaille. “Each place we move to/travel to helps us grow as individuals. It opens our eyes to things in the world we’d never realized were there. It gives us the knowledge that our bodies are just temporary, and that the material things of this world are so fleeting. But the memories we make, the things we’ve done/accomplished during our lifetime, the influence we make, and the dreams we pursue are the things stays with us and make us who we are. I knew I was sleepwalking. I wasn’t actually awake, but I was looking for something, looking for everything. “Sunflower” is a heartfelt narrative inspired by vulnerability and the pursuit of something more.

Listen to “Sunflower” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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