[LISTEN] Chelsea Lankes – “Easy”

Can we just talk about how lovely it is to see Nashville’s Chelsea Lankes so happy these days? That may have something to do with being a newlywed to fellow musician Julian Dente (YØUTH) and their adorably sweet romance that has us swooning with their #relationshipgoals Instagram posts!

If you go back to the beginning of Lankes’ musical journey, from 2013’s “Ghost” to 2016’s “Bullet,” you’ll notice a pattern of change shining through – from heartbreak to a fiery confidence – later leading her to love and happiness in a refreshing, authentic way that we don’t always witness within our generation.

New track, “Easy,” expresses how, well, easy life gets when you meet your soul mate. It’s hard to describe a Chelsea Lankes track without the word ‘shimmering’ but “Easy” really is just that as the singer’s joy pours over into the listener’s heart, making those who haven’t found love hopeful and those who have, grateful for the blessings they possess.

“I’ve been so excited to release this song because it’s not just a random attempt at writing something happy,” Chelsea shared. “It’s truly reflective of where I’m at in my life and relationship. It’s refreshing to be in a genuine place of joy and excitement and I hope people can feel that when they listen to this song.”

Listen to “Easy” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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