[LISTEN] Caper Parade – “Feel Like Aladdin”

We mostly spread new music via the internet, however, looking at London based – via Norway – trio Caper Parade we are convinced they surely have some Persian magic carpets lying around the deep corners of their vintage wardrobe. Otherwise, how else could they know the secret to creating such tunes like their brand new release, “Feel Like Aladdin?”

The new single follows an earlier release from this year, “People in Pools.”  The gritty blues sound is replaced by laid-back funk and disco infused pop this time, that will make the listener daydream about summer romance, hanging by the actual pool and sipping cooling cocktails in the heat; sounds about right! The band is also set release an EP in October. Stay tuned!

Listen to “Feel Like Aladdin” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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