[LISTEN] Caity Krone – “Record About You”

Caity Krone released her debut single,”Record About You”, on all streaming platforms in October.

Effortlessly pairing story-telling with an intricate soft rock ensemble, Krone recounts the heart-rending reality of moving on. Softly and then all at once your heart will break, and then melt into the nostalgia of someone you miss.

With smooth narration alongside each melody, the final chorus feels like finally coming up for air. The strong presence of the organ and the guitar make for a graceful ending, and an undeniable desire for more music.

Listen to “Record About You” below:

Alexis Hinnant

Alexis Hinnant

Alexis is an enthusiast of music, writing and photography. She's obsessed with trying new things and has probably already binged every show on Netflix.