[LISTEN] BØRNS – “Sweet Dreams”

BØRNS is currently preparing for an upcoming album release some time soon, to out-do 2015’s debut Dopamine. Meaning that in the meantime, we get more and more teasing of what the new direction will be like.

Following up the comeback single “Faded Heart” and its beautiful mariachi session version, “Sweet Dreams” is here to get you into that Friday feeling. It’s as if a mellower 70’s disco vibe meets Tame Impala in form of goodbye to a former lover. Romantic sighs and sad puppy eyes, imagine this track performed in a dimly lit space with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. We’re so down for it!

The song is also featured in the film, Flatliners, out today!

“Don’t cry, consider this a lullaby.”

Listen to “Sweet Dreams” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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