[LISTEN] ARMORS – “Overdose”

You might remember us raving about ARMORS a couple months back with their indie-pop gem, “Genesis.” Today the Southern California trio returns with new track, “Overdose” – another pop-infused delight with a dark overtone.

“It’s tough for me to be honest with lyrics, and quite frankly, it’s tough for me to be straightforward off the page as well.” stated frontman Olen Kittelsen. “But oddly enough, bluntness, and saying exactly what’s on his mind is decidedly Kody’s most endearing trait as a person and as a lyricist. And I think that’s what makes us such a good team. This song came together during a point in my life where I was not okay. And it took my best friends to see that and turn it into something worth singing about.”

Listen to “Overdose” below:

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