[LISTEN] Anna Of The North – “Fire”


It’s no secret that everything Anna Of The North has released so far from upcoming debut, Lovers, has been fire, but new track, “Fire,” tops the cake!

Exuberant synthpop reins in “Fire,” possibly one of the duo’s most ambitious moments to date, making us even more eager for that September 8 release date to get here!

“It was the last track written for the record and we really wanted it to be something special. Listening back, I think you can sense that every bit of feeling we had left in us was poured into this one. We were completely spent at the end of the long journey of making the record, but that heightens the emotion of the performance; deepening the desperation of the story. ‘Fire’ is about the destructive things we always do to each other at the end of relationships.”

Listen to “Fire” below:

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