[LISTEN] Amy Lee – “Speak to Me”

Gothic emo souls, rejoice!

A recent discovery of old family photos shows I have been rocking the dramatic sad girl aesthetics long before my love for Evanescence saw the moonlight. However, my listener’s habits were lacking such shenanigans lately.

Luckily for everyone, Amy Lee is back to save the day! While the band is set to hit the road once again this year, after a long hiatus, the front lady is also busy working on solo projects here and there. Her brand new single, “Speak to Me,” is the title song of an upcoming mystery thriller Voice from the Stone. It’s hauntingly beautiful, with strings and piano dominating the sound; just enough space for Amy’s echoing voice as well.

Listen to “Speak To Me” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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