[LISTEN] Alex Bent + The Emptiness – “Blonde American Girl”

Canadian artist, Alex Bent + The Emptiness, specializes in dark, hazy-synth atmospheres blended with influences of R&B, jazz and indie. Today’s spotlight track, “Blonde American Girl,” is the result of avoiding the hyped Toronto music scene while opting for a more secluded creative process in the Saskatoon prairies. Bent’s upcoming album, Dead, In The Water, will be released this summer for free.

I started writing this song in August 2014. I used to listen to the early drafts of it as I drove through my favorite parts of my hometown. I liked to imagine this song was the soundtrack for a much greater visual. “Blonde American Girl” features a solo on trumpet by my grandpa, Thomas Cuthill, as well as performances by Saskatoon singer-songwriters Oliver Friesen & Sydney Edwards.”

Listen to “Blonde American Girl” below:

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