[LISTEN] Aeriel – “Be Down”

Aeriel, singer-songwriter from LA, released sweet yet seductive single “Be Down” on Friday.

As another unmistakable voice for R&B, Aeriel uses her new single to explain her desire for a love less challenging. From the beginning of the song, she secures the velvety vibe that extends till the end.

She aligns her versatile range with soft rhythmic and electronic sounds, making it impossible not to replay at least once. Peaceful to the mind, and easy on the ears, “Be Down” is the relief from R&B that tends to all sound the same.

Listen to “Be Down” below:

Alexis Hinnant

Alexis Hinnant

Alexis is an enthusiast of music, writing and photography. She's obsessed with trying new things and has probably already binged every show on Netflix.