[REVIEW] Jack Woodward – ‘Higher’ EP

Jack Woodward, a singer-songwriter from North-West England has taken us by storm with his anthemic pop songs and the world is up next.

The brand new Higher EP sees Woodward evolve from guitar-based folk artist into potential future UK pop-star status. Often likened to Hozier, Tom Odell or James Bay, he still bears a distinctive style to be recognized for and doesn’t shy away from experimenting.

Lead single, “Higher” “is about somebody or something reigniting your awareness of the world outside your own head, your connection to other people and feeling alive,” says the singer. With the uplifting tune comes the optimistic message and realization that unexpected events in life can lead to something positive as well.

The two other tracks of the EP, “Pray” and “Seven Seas,” further prove artistic diversity. One of them ventures into synth driven territories but do not let the groovy riffs and catchiness play you as it is still a song about overcoming mental health struggles. The other is darker in the tone of vocals with slight heaviness of torment looming over even the most energetic of choruses. Which is which? We will let you guess that as you listen.


Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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