[Interview] Up Close with Emily Jayne

San Francisco native Emily Jayne and I have something in common: We both memorized Madonna’s “Material Girl” (and much to my mother’s dismay, “Like a Virgin”) while strutting around the house in a crazy outfit, belting out the words. Fortunately Jayne stuck to singing while I, on the other hand, decided to shut up and write about music instead. The electro-pop singer is getting ready to take the world by storm – new single, “This Loneliness,” has everything a lot of 80’s-sounding pop has been missing while it’s video brings us a rather relateable concept of rollerblading and solo dance parties.

I got to chat with the star on-the rise about all things music, her experiences in a pop/punk band at Warped Tour and of course, that question we always ask about current favorites!

Introduce yourself to our readers! What is one quirky fact people may not know about you?

I’m from Oakland. I played flute in a classical orchestra growing up. Being onstage is far easier then walking down the street for me. I don’t know why, but it is and will always be that way. I love animals. And I taught my cat how to play fetch like a dog. (Yes, really.)

You were in two pop/punk bands before going solo, even performing at the Vans Warped Tour! Give us some insight into what that period of your career was like and what made you decide to set off on your own.

I would call that an observational point in my career. I was pretty young, and learning the ropes. I was in a band that had up to 10 people on stage at a time.  I was playing guitar and singing. They weren’t my songs but I love performing so it was fun to take that on the road with Warped Tour. I am a rock n’ roll girl at heart so playing with a band that was so eclectic but had rock elements was dope. My calling has always been as a front person, but there was something really sweet about that time. Strumming away at my guitar, not so front and center. It was simple! That was a small sliver of touring that I hope to do way more of in my life. I would like to see this project take me all around the world. I love bouncing around like that, and connecting with people through music. Music is a language that anyone can speak or feel.

Give us some insight into your songwriting process. Any special methods or advice you’d like to share with aspiring musicians?

I think there aren’t any specific rules for art. Of any kind. I think that’s why I love it. It’s whatever you make of it and you can’t really critique someones art and tell them that it is wrong, or incorrect. Art through song has always been another voice that comes out of me. Almost like I have a second soul. I write my best material when I let go of my self-judgement and just let it pour out of me. I’m an emotional person & very critical of myself (I think everybody is to some extent, as long as they’re not a robot.) I need this outlet in writing and singing to come back to center. As for advice for aspiring musicians who wish to write or perform an instrument; Practice. Practice a lot. Get to know your instrument, if it’s your pencil, your voice, or a physical instrument. If you can’t afford lessons it’s okay because there are so many online tutorials these days. Also understand that you will never be perfect because nobody is. And the best art is imperfect. That’s what makes it human and relateable. Anybody who tells you otherwise, you feel free to tell them to take a hike.

Your single “This Loneliness” is due out soon! What can you tell us about it?

This single reflects a point in my life where I was feeling isolated and alone. I started getting so used to this feeling that it started to become comfortable, which is scary for me because I have a soul that needs to love. I have a big heart and having nowhere to put that was hard and painful. I started to go numb and worried that it would change me so much that I would never be able to feel for anyone again. The second song on the EP is called “Play These Games;” it’s a b-side, and talks about the games that happen when you start dating again. Dating sucks. People are so full of fear sometimes.  They are so full of fear from being hurt in the past that they can’t dive in without judging their every move with so much caution. I constantly felt like I was being played with, like a game, and I just wanted it to stop. Writing these songs was a way of freeing myself from all that, and getting back to what really matters to me. And getting back to loving myself.

We ask this all the time because we’re nosy (and nerds)! What are your top five favorite tracks at the moment?

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

Underpass – John Foxx

Air – Kelly Watch The Stars

Telomeres – Bézier

Giorgio Moroder – 74 Is The New 24

*Photo by Amelia Kennedy.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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