[Interview] The Sleeping Sounds Chat Debut EP, ‘Desire’ & More

Today is the day Cleveland trio, The Sleeping Sounds – comprised of Anthony Lauletta, Zach Daniels and Mike LaSpina – unleash their debut EP, Desire, unto the world. Effortlessly blending their many influences of rock, R&B and 80’s sonics, the band are just at the beginning of their careers yet there’s no denying the notion that they sound as if they’ve been at it for years.

We caught up with lead vocalist, Zach Daniels, & chatted all things Desire, what he’s listening to at the moment & more!

Your debut EP, Desire, comes out this week! First off, congrats! What can you tell us about it?

Thank you! The EP is a collection of songs that all revolve around the concept of love. Each song on the EP is its own story within the collection.

The title track, “Desire,” talks about the darker side of love and its sound mirrors the mood flawlessly. Do you tend to write from personal experience while trying to reflect those emotions sonically or is it all random?

It’s a lot of both actually. The spark of the idea usually originates from a personal experience, but we like to mold our songs into a story that anyone can draw interpret for themselves based on their own experiences.

What originally drew you to playing music? Tell us how The Sleeping Sounds was formed!

My dad was actually heavily involved with the hardcore music. It was the culture and community of that group of people that drew me to start playing music. While hardcore isn’t necessarily the type of music we play haha! That sense of community that draws musicians together is what made me love being around music in general.

Anthony, Mike and I actually met at a party put together by some people who were involved in the Cleveland music scene — we all listened to similar music, and we just started talking and hanging out which inevitably led to us writing together. The chemistry was definitely there.

This is just the beginning for you guys but let’s start a time capsule right here in writing: What is the number one thing you want to accomplish with your careers?

The one big thing that we all agree on is that our ultimate goal is timelessness—whether it be sonic direction with our songs, lyrics, whatever—we want to create music that’s timeless. That goal in itself is a hefty one, so I’m interested to look back on this interview years later! Haha.

Give us your top 5 songs at the moment!

No specific order, but…

  1. Big Sean – “No Favors”
  2. The Maine – “Bad Behavior”
  3. Post Malone – “Congratulations”
  4. LANY – “pink skies”
  5. Notorious B.I.G. – “Suicidal Thoughts”

Desire is available now here.

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