[Interview] Luke De-Sciscio Talks About The Creation of ‘Meadow Queen Journey Moon Tied Blue’

Meadow Queen Journey Moon Tied Blue is the sophomore 6-track effort of singer-songwriter Luke De-Sciscio, out now. It’s an artist’s journey through seclusion in nature, finding one’s self and pondering on those warm summer days. To the listener, it is a peaceful folk-infused retreat. The raw tape recording gives the illusion of being present in the moment of writing – a very bold move not everyone dares to take.

We talk all of this and more as we catch up with De-Sciscio himself for some insight ahead of the release.

The title Meadow Queen Journey Moon Tied Blue sounds very naturistic and spiritual – where does it come from?

Nature and my spirit – certainly. As each song evolved into its own sense of character those 6 words came to be the lens through which they most made sense to me. So, whilst each of the 6 tracks could represent one of those words, they are more just 6 different angles from which I can perceive the songs, individually and as a collective. Which song is which shuffled fairly frequently as I got the lyrics into place – but I think it’s important to recognize that each of the tracks can be seen from each of those senses.

What was the writing process like for this release?

A lot of writing. Sometimes – like on my most recent EP Moonraker I’ll not even write words. In fact on Moonraker I hadn’t even written the songs at the point I came to record…

But with Meadow Queen there was a lot of writing. Automatic writing to try and kick my sense of involvement from the mix. I would open a page and type for 3 or 4 hours at a time without stopping – go through the however many words – distill a song. At the point the 6 tracks started to feel like the same one concept being explored from 6 different stand points the placement of the lyrics became less abstract and, as an idea, it took flight.

Which are you more inspired by – seclusion in nature or human interaction?

I was spending more time outside at the time this album was being written – but, we also had a friend living with us in our lounge for those months, so – whatever my time was at that point – will be within the lines and chord shapes.

Why did you go with the live to tape recording process?

It’s as much about capturing a moment as it is proving myself as a musician. Some of these songs – were at the time – right at the very top of my ability as a guitar player. So I had to confront them in the way that seemed most daunting to me. Ultimately though, I love live recordings. The fact when you hit play you engage with a 4 minute or however long, perfectly preserved slice of history; a window into not just a song or performance but a reality. It’s the kind of recording which is going to age like a fine wine. To look back in some years and hear it exactly as it is. A kid in a bedroom, in 2017, giving it everything.

I guess I was still in two minds over whether I take the songs into a studio at the time I first captured “Infinite Lines”  It’s the best song on the record and at 4am back from a party, where everyone was on drugs, and I get back sober and I get behind the tape machine – and I sing this poem out and that was the point I committed to the live ideal.

I recorded the previous release Gossamer Rose live – and that had been difficult, I was drunk, not confident and hung up on some bad experiences. I was wary that this could go the same way but still had that itch to deal with – that itch to make something raw and real.

Does any artist influence your musical direction?

Everyone, but ultimately – with this album – the rationale behind so much writing was that I wanted to get away from influence – there is an absolute and undeniable rhythm that rings with its own melody in lyrics that are truthful – to me, it was about scouring the millions of words to find the ones that leapt from the page like a mirror and – not really thinking too much into the melody – to trust – that truth has a melody of its own. Trusting myself entirely is something I just reached the pinnacle of when I leaped naked onto Spotify with Moonraker – but, Meadow Queen was a step onto that ladder. Songs I am proud of. Performed on a sunny afternoon; looking from a window to a church in the city of Bath.

Dóra Udvardi

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