[Interview] Introducing VISTA

It’s a new year which means new music and new adventures! If you’re familiar with pop/punk powerhouse, Hope Vista, you’ll be pleased to know that the singer has started a new band, VISTA, and they are ready to take 2016 by storm! With their first single, “On The Brink,” set to be released in February, all looks promising on the VISTA horizon.

We got to chat with the band on what they hope to accomplish this year along with what we can expect from VISTA!

Congratulations on your new endeavor! Introduce yourselves along with a little known fact about each of you!

Hope: I’m Hope Vista! I’m the lead vocalist of VISTA, and I also play guitar and am a primary songwriter for the band. I also currently do all the PR for the band – I love doing that kind of thing! A little known fact…I really don’t like milk. That sounds so strange, but even when it comes to dipping cookies, I think any kind of milk is pretty gross!

Wolf: My name’s Wolfgang Reiter! I’m kind of the jack of all trades, but for the band I play drums. I’ve been a radio DJ, a bartender, a hot air balloon pilot, a stage crew manager. I’ve done a lot of stuff, man. Oh! I was also a semi-professional yo-yo’er!

Brian: I’m Brian Canfield, and I’m always doing things I’m not supposed to be doing. And I’m also the guitar player for VISTA.


What inspired the formation of the band? What do you hope to accomplish/influence with your music?

Wolf: I’d been playing for Hope when she was just Hope Vista; I was the touring drummer. I introduced her to Brian and it just naturally progressed in that direction. It just worked really well together. Regrouping as a band allows us to work more as a cohesive unit, instead of just as individuals. It just made sense.

Brian: I kind of just want the fans to love it as much as we do. Seriously. Because when you make something, you spend your time and your effort on something that means a lot to you. And you just want to see a good reaction from the people you’re making it for.


How would you describe your sound and would you say it highly differs from all of your previous work combined?

Wolf: Anthemic alternative rock.

Hope: My solo stuff was a lot more pop-punk oriented. This still has the same vibe because I’m still writing it, but now I have other people’s thoughts and creative ideas thrown into this mix, and it’s cool. We’re really setting out to define this new genre that we call anthemic alternative rock, and just see what we can come up with to identify it.

Wolf: Brian and I used to be in a progressive metalcore band!

Brian: It was interesting.


I know things are probably still pretty new for you guys but describe your writing process and what a typical session looks like.

Hope: Semi-chaotic. I’m not used to writing with other people yet. I’ve always written by myself. Wolf and I wrote the first single, “On The Brink,” together, and then Brian came in and learned all the guitar parts in under 5 minutes.

Wolf: Once we have a rough outline of the song, we’ll send it to the producer we’re working with a get their feedback. And then just revise, revise, revise, and take it to the studio!


It’s a brand new year and you’ve just embarked on a brand new journey so let’s do a little time capsule! Share your hopes for VISTA and a year from now, we can go back and see what you guys accomplished in 2016!

Brian: It’s so far away.

Hope: I just want to see this band grow. As a group we’ve got such great chemistry, and we’re also all genuinely best friends, so I just want to see it continue to work this way.

Brian: Same, it would be interesting to see where all of our hard work and effort puts us.

Wolf: Go on a tour, record a full length album. That’s all I want!

Keep up with VISTA on social media:

Twitter: @ThisIsVISTA (band) ; members: @hopevista, @wolfvista, @briankvista
Instagram: VISTAband
Snapchat: VISTAband
Facebook: VISTAband

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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