[Interview] Getting To Know Future Synthpop Queen, NINA

London-based-Berlin-born retro synthpop singer/songwriter, NINA, is a force to be reckoned with. Truth be told, I wasn’t ready for what I was about to hear when I was introduced to her music but once “We Are The Wild Ones” started playing, I couldn’t turn it off. While 80’s synthpop is all the rage these days, NINA takes that notion to a whole other dimension – giving us exactly what we hope for when we press play. With tracks that would make Bowie proud, NINA has what it takes to solidify her mark in the industry. The best way to describe her sound is imagining if The New Division mated with CHVRCHES, NINA would be their musical lovechild.

The singer is getting ready to release her new EP, Beyond Memory, on May 27 via Aztec Records. I got to ask NINA some questions on that killer sound of hers, future plans and of course, what she’s listening to lately.

I want to start off by thanking you for being such a breath of fresh air! There are a lot of artists out there that are influenced by the 80’s while branding their sound as synth/electro-pop but your music honestly encapsulates the essence of true 80’s pop! I even hear a little trance in there. Was this the sound you initially wanted to go for?

Thank you! When I first started out I tried commercial pop and dance for many years, before I realized what kind of music I wanted to make. As soon as I started to write synthpop, I knew that was it. It’s what I grew up with and very close to my heart. It makes me feel all sorts of emotions and nostalgia, which inspires me to write.


What ultimately influences your songwriting? Is it a melody? A personal experience? Or is it purely spur-of-the moment?

Dreams, the past, positive and negative personal experiences all inspire my writing. I also I love being in nature, as it clears my head and helps the words and stories flow easily.


Your new EP, Beyond Memory, is due out in less than a month. What separates this release from your previous material? Anything fans should keep an eye out for while we’re awaiting its release?

The single “Beyond Memory” was produced by Richard X and new talent Sunglasses Kid. It’s my most personal release yet and I loved working with them. The b-side “Purple Sun” was produced by Swedish producer Oscillian, who totally gets my vision too. I co-wrote this song with him and my drummer Lau, and I had Daniel Bedingfield over at our studio to record some backing vocals. He’s such an incredible singer. Keep an eye out for my new “Beyond Memory” music video and a very intimate acoustic version of the song filmed with classical musicians.


I noticed you’ve toured with Erasure! What was that experience like? Any dreams of touring with other artists you admire of that caliber?

I have such beautiful memories touring with Erasure. It was a real dream come true! I’ve learned so much just watching Andy and Vince perform every night and drive the audiences wild. There are many artists I’d love to tour with but if I had to pick one, it would have to be Depeche Mode. How cool would that be?


Is there anything you’ve had your heart set on doing during your career that you haven’t had the chance to do yet? If so, can you share that with us?

One of the things I really want do is tour in Japan. It’s just something I’ve wanted for a while, so hopefully it will happen soon. Maybe also doing some more acting in the future.


We’re a bit nosy here at The Daily Listening. Give us your top 5 favorite tracks at the moment!

Song For Zula” – Phosphorescent

“Nothing But A Heartbeat” – Say Lou Lou

“Touch” – Shura

“Flesh Without Blood” – Grimes

“Hide And Seek” – Love X Stereo

Pre-order Beyond Memory here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina is the founding editor of The Daily Listening. She's also a professional music nerd for BUZZNET. You'll most likely find her where she finds most of her inspiration: introverting in her bedroom with her music collection and a pair of headphones.