[In Retrospect] Paramore’s ‘All We Know Is Falling’ Turns 10

Over the past decade, Paramore have become a worldwide phenomenon and it’s been a wild yet not easy ride for the band. They’ve sold out tours, been on top of the lists, and they’ve even won themselves a Grammy. We’re all aware that there’s nothing more important to the band than being themselves and expressing themselves authentically while making a connection with their fans. And I guess that’s something they’ve quite achieved since the beginning.

With lead singer, Hayley Williams only being 16 years-old when All We Know Is Falling was released, there was no surprise that they became one of the most buzzed about bands. Back then, emo/pop-punk was all the rage and Paramore fit right into the Hot Topic scene. I remember back then I was only 12 years young and even then I wanted to be as badass as Hayley Williams, and even today I still think she’s a badass and someone who really has an important outlook on life. She has the power and will to do something about it.

Opening tracks, “All We Know” and “Pressure” mirrored our teenage angst working perfectly as a duo to get you hooked on the album while “Emergency” dug deeper, (and was the very first track I ever heard from them.) One of the most iconic tracks on the album, I can’t remember a person who didn’t use the lyrics, “‘Cause I’ve seen love die way too many times, when it deserved to be alive / I’ve seen you cry way too many times, when you deserve to be alive…” as their to-go quote. Away messages. MySpace. Those were the days.


Paramore’s debut ‘All We Know Is Falling’ was released on July 26, 2005

Following track is “Brighter” where you can point out how an amazing combination Hayley’s vocals are mixed up with Zac Farro’s drumming skills. The lyrics in this one are also one of my favorites.

I think in the three following tracks “Here We Go Again,” “Never Let This Go” and “Conspiracy” you can feel how united the sound of this album is, with the three of them sounding kind of similar and obviously pin-pointing the band’s sound back then. During “Never Let This Go” I think you can really sense Hayley’s feelings displayed in the song, not only because of the pain-related lyrics, but because you can hear a bit of that pain in Hayley’s voice.

The album continues with “Franklin” which talks about how everything is/will be different when they go back home. They have changed, the place has changed, and I think that’s a common feeling when you’re growing up. Even when you’re home, you’re changing, you think different and maybe you’ll be acting different. It doesn’t mean you don’t love the place anymore – it just means that just as everything in this life, once you change and see things differently, nothing will ever be the same but you’ll still have those memories of it whether good or bad, they’ll stick with you and after all, they make you who you are.

Paramore have definitely become something bigger. They always had that potential to be who they are right now, and who will they become in the future. They had this potential and talent and I think there’s no surprise as to what they mean to the world right now. They have had their ups and downs, significant member-loss when the Farro brothers decided it was time for them to leave the band – Taylor York later joined and now they are a fantastic trio. They managed to get their feet on the ground.

I fell in love with their music when I was only 12. I’m still in love with them now that I’m 22. I guess nothing really changes, we just grow up, embrace changes and mature with time and its situations. Back then, they probably were just “another emo band” for some, but with time, Paramore has proved to be way more than that. They’re talented and humble humans. They’re now one of the most iconic and important bands in the music scene. Here’s to another 10 years of success and good things for the guys and fiery gal of Paramore.

Naty Cuéllar

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