Hear Me Out: Spotlight on 5 Seconds of Summer

We here at The Daily Listening are a passionate bunch of people who love nothing more than to share our enthusiasm with others when it comes to the things we like. Hear Me Out will be a segment dedicated to professional-looking adoration of our ever changing subjects, because we are mature enough not to fangirl/boy – in public… 😛

The hysteria that’s been surrounding 5 Seconds of Summer in the past couple of years hit some of us very hard just about now. Let me just leave this GIF here, displaying the moment of being late to the party perfectly:


After months of resisting because of all the boyband BS, here we are shamelessly enjoying a pretty good (and probably the biggest to date, thanks to One Direction’s interest) debut from the pop-rock scene, and curiously waiting for the follow-up.

There is plenty more of this band than the radio friendly bubblegum pop singles of the album let you guess. You have to dig deeper to see the potential. Despite the huge following, they are still relatively young who will progress in lyric writing, and will also find their own signature sound eventually – hopefully the record label allows such things to happen. Songs like “Lost Boy” or “English Love Affair” are the example for this. However, it would be awesome to see them be more punk-rock-ish, like the way they seem to play live.

Joining 1D on tour was a bold move from 5SOS career-wise…also a risky one. People tend to label things out of ignorance, and calling a group that was actually formed in school a boyband is exactly that. We cannot go by the thought of how things would’ve been different if they climbed the ladder of becoming a solid part of the rock scene instead of suddenly getting into the crazy whirlwind of headlining sold out arenas at the age of hardly twenty.

In conclusion: You know you’re getting old once the newcomers are younger than you are. They are influenced by the exact bands, whose growth you’ve been following since their early days. And what is more, you get to see various generations of musical influences/legends helping the young ones along the way. It’s truly amazing to experience such dynamics…despite the wrinkles.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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