[Guest DJ] Blonder Shares A Special Tour-Themed Playlist

Straight from New York City we’d like you to meet your new indie-rock favorite, Blonder, who has been causing a lot of buzz with his iconic sound since the release of single, “In and Out.”

He has just wrapped up a tour with Methel Ethyl he’s about to head on the road with Day Wave, and luckily, we’ve got vocalist Constantine Anastasakis to build a custom playlist for us, which includes some of his favorite tracks to listen to while heading on tour while adding some personal anecdotes on what these songs represent for him. Enjoy!

Yes – “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”

The orchestra hit. It’s just the best way to incorporate that at that point in time, plus it’s so sad and so exciting at the same time.


Miley Cyrus – “Rooting For My Baby”

Bangerz bonus song first heard on Blonded Radio. I play it on guitar everyday, I’m obsessed for the past week.


Lorde – “Liability”

Pretty sad song, also narcissistic in a way I think we’re gonna see a lot of on the new album. This isn’t Lorde: the emotional and precocious youth in the NZ suburbs, this is Lorde does Hollywood.


Miley Cyrus – “Malibu”

I do like the recording a lot, and the first chorus just has something about it – I guess I like the idea of Malibu as the utopia, the place where nothing hurts and everything is ok but it’s also kind of scary because Miley is singing that haha.


Alex G – “Sportstar”

Really important recording, love the lyrics so so so much.


Phoenix – “Ti Amo”

Italo disco but in Phoenix form. Made in an opera house back room or something. A very turnt up track. I love you, ti amo, je t’aime, te quiero.


Aretha Franklin – “Day Dreaming”

Song feels like what it’s like to daydream about someone. Not much I could say to do it justice. The drumming is so important and soulful. Aretha’s voice.



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