[Guest Blog] Spencer Sutherland Shares How He Balances Music, Modeling & More!

Spencer Sutherland is quickly becoming one of pop’s most buzzworthy stars. He’s a self-taught musician, so you know he’s the real deal. He’s also signed to the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency and has begun working on campaigns for Timberland, ASOS , G-Star & more!

Today, to kick off our new guest blog segment, Spencer shares how he balances being an up-and-coming musician with modeling along with eating healthy and living in the entertainment mecca of the world!

Man! I can’t believe I get to do what I love for my “JOB.” It’s so funny to me that I’m even calling it my job because it’s so fun- I enjoy every aspect. Anyway, my name is Spencer and I’m a pop/R&B singer originally from Ohio.  I’ve re-located to LA, and let me just tell you: what an amazing place. Recently I’ve gotten into modeling and it’s like a whole new world. I thrive in a fast paced lifestyle, and luckily with music and modeling as my two jobs, it’s about as crazy, unpredictable and fast paced as you can get.

A normal day consists of working out, modeling casting, a recording studio session and maybe a biz meeting or two scattered in. Oh yeah, I try to eat at some point too haha. It definitely becomes a balancing act between the two! When you’re in the studio almost every day, keeping up a healthy diet gets hard! With modeling, you really need to be mindful to stay fit – low sugar, low salt and high protein are just a few of the things I do! That can be pretty hard when you’re in a session and everything is flowing out from your mind, it’s hard to stop, spend 15 minutes making grilled chicken and salad, eat, then return. Most people will grab Cheetos, donuts or basically whatever to keep going so I always make sure to have protein bars, almonds, etc. with me so I don’t get tempted. The balance can get hard sometimes, but its ALWAYS do-able. Music is my number 1 focus and whats most important to me. However modeling is a great compliment to my music and as long as I can make other things work, I might as well try! Like I said, I definitely like being busy from sun up to sun down, and I cant think of any better way!

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