Getting Nerdy With: Redlands

Redlands are an indie rock band from Denver, CO and are currently promoting their most recent EP, Adventurer. Their first release, last year’s The Lonewolf EP immediately made them click with their audience.

We recently caught up with lead singer Ben Lohle to discuss a few details about what’s going on with the band lately, their upcoming EP, working with members from This Century and more!

Please introduce yourself to the The Daily Listening community!

– Hello friends, my name is Ben and I sing in a band called Redlands!

You guys formed the band in January 2014 and within the same year you landed a spot on the Vans’ Warped Tour! How did you feel about it and what was it like to play such a remarkable music festival?

– You know we’ve played in many other bands, but this is honestly our first “real” band if you will. So everything following so closely like that was just unreal because we’ve always aspired to play major events like Warped Tour and South By So What!? So to get those opportunities was just unexplainable.

How do you think your band has grown over this past year and a half?

– I think we’ve not only found our sound because it’s forever changing, but realized how to do things ourselves for ourselves. We were never that hopeless band just giving up because they didn’t get signed by some big record label or whatever. We learned to do everything ourselves. Some say “fake it till you fake it”, but I think we pioneer the idea of “make it until you make it.” Lots of good things coming from us!

Tell us about your upcoming EP ‘Adventurer’ what can we expect compared to your first release, ‘The Lonewolf EP?’

– Well stylistically it’s a lot more pop and indie influenced. Some would say radio friendly, but all in all it’s just another small showcase of what we wanted to release at that time. I hate to say this, but I think we’re all already into the mind set of the new full length we’re recording.

We heard that you teamed up with Sean and Alex Silverman, members from This Century, to write a couple songs. How would you describe the creative process?

– It was interesting like always to work with different people, but it was neat to watch how other people do things and just learning something new everyday about yourself and capabilities.

Recently, we’ve noticed a lot of activity coming from Twitter suggesting to Arizona’s The Maine to get you guys on tour with them. That’s quite some dedication from your fan base! What do you guys think about this? How do you feel seeing there’s many people that wants you both to tour together?

– First of all it’s incredible and we couldn’t thank each and everyone one of them enough, but we’ll have to think of something! I think it’s great though, our bands would play so well together and I think it’s obvious that The Maine’s fan’s know about us and are putting one and one together and want us to do a tour! I’m all for it!

Who would you say is your biggest influence(s) as a band?

– I love bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, and anything that has a timeless essence to it. I don’t think there’s many bands that understand or appreciate what rock legends did in their time like they do current artists.

I’m naturally curious, so I’m a bit forced to ask this question… What’s your all time favorite album?

– Right now it’s Ryan Adams latest record, self-titled, but I’ve really been into that lately. It gives off a more unique vibe more so than any of his previous releases, I dig it!

Share your Top 5 favorite bands!

– (In no order and it always changes, but this is what I’ve been listening to lately)
Ryan Adams
The Rolling Stones
The Kooks
Shaky Graves

What do you expect from people to receive from your music? What is it the main message you want to transmit?

– I don’t think we’re trying to display a message of any kind we’re just making music and trying to release it as much as possible, and if it’s liked then I guess if you’re to take anything from us just know you’re not alone in this crazy world and we hear you. I think this new record we’re recording is honest, more so than anything we’ve ever done so we feel good about it.

Thanks so much for taking your time to share your thoughts with us! 🙂

– Thank you for having us!

Adventurer will be available July 14.
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