[Get Stoked About] THØSS

If you’re not familiar with UK newcomer THØSS yet, get ready. The 6 ft 6″ (holy crap) singer is about to infiltrate your ears with his debut EP, Benchwarmer, on June 13. Buzz single, “IWITW” (short for I Was In The Water) has been gaining some momentum on Spotify and with his accompanying video as a warmer, there’s no telling what he cannot do.

Bathed in indie-pop goodness, Benchwarmer is a lovely summer starter and with tracks like the catchy “The Meter,” pounding title track, “Benchwarmer” and EP closer, “Keep Going,” be prepared to fall in love as tales of suburban life come into play while feeling stuck in time while everyone else evades the stillness.

Check out the video for “IWITW” below:

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