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Taylor Phelan is a singer-songwriter and indie rock artist from Texas. His name may sound familiar if not from the fact that he was once the frontman of the Chicago based indie band called The Canes. You also may recognize him as a contestant on the 7th season of The Voice.

Before he started to build up a bigger fanbase, Phelan made music magic with his bandmates, The Canes as the Chicago piece got to do some touring and released an extraordinary EP titled Cupid and The Atomic Bomb which was released in two parts. For a handful of reasons, the band went on an undefined hiatus before breaking up early in 2014, though, Taylor’s musical journey didn’t quite end there.

I must confess that it literally took me less than 20 seconds of his Voice blind-audition performance to realize how amazingly talented this guy is. Just so you get an idea, said performance [Sweater Weather] has reached more than 4 MILLION views on YouTube, and of course it is that great since all 4 judges turned their chairs because with that voice who wouldn’t want him to be on their team? Though he had the potential to be a finalist and possibly a great winner, his journey on The Voice had to come to an end.

Now, Taylor Phelan is getting ready to give the world more of his creativity in our favorite shape, music. On July 28 he released his first single called “Harvest the Moon” as a solo artist and as his first music piece since he left The Voice. The track is just as good as you’d expect it to be, and it sure leaves us all thirsty for more.

Listen to “Harvest the Moon” below and you can also get it on iTunes!

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