Get Stoked About: Oh Wonder

If you’re fan a of, or simply in the mood for, heartfelt lyrics combined with soothing sounds, then this is your lucky day!

Oh Wonder are easily the greatest thing to come out of the UK recently. The writing duo of Josie Wanders and Ant West are no strangers to the British scene thanks to their previous musical endeavors. However, they seem to be destined for bigger and better things with this new project.

It all started last September with an announcement of releasing one song per month for a year under the new moniker. Then, things sort of tumble-weeded into setting up one off sold out shows straight from London to Paris, New York City, and Los Angeles for later this year. The power of talent and the internet will get you to places, people!

In the meantime, they keep on releasing one new song each month, and have premiered their very first music video for this month’s track “Livewire.”

We hope these song releases will lead to a full debut album and more live shows eventually. You can listen to the previous ones by clicking here until that day comes!


Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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