[Get Stoked About] Escondido

Nashville duo, Escondido, comprised of Jessica Maros and Tyler James, recorded their 2013 self-released debut album, The Ghost of Escondido, live in a single day. The album went on to receive some impressive critical acclaim – well deserved for such a breath of fresh air in an over-saturated industry. The duo are set to release their sophomore record, Walking With a Stranger on February 16, and first single, “Heart Is Black,” captured my attention on Spotify just a few weeks ago. It was only a short amount of time – and a touch of serendipity – that they landed in my inbox. Described as “edgy, dark and alluring,” this is one duo you’re not going to want to skip out on. Imagine driving down a desert road in the old west, Clint Eastwood not far behind with a hint of In The Valley Below and Zella Day for good measure.

Listen to “Heart Is Black” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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