[Get Stoked About] Beach Weather

Quick question: Do you remember A Rocket To The Moon’s frontman and lead singer Nick Santino? If your answer is yes, I have some great news for you all. Turns out, Nick has built himself a brand new band and we’re totally digging their sound!

Beach Weather is an alternative-pop band based in, yes, Beach Weather, USA. The band’s made up of Nick Santino on guitar and vocals, guitarist Ian Holubiak, Reeve Powers on bass and drummer Austin Scates and they apparently popped out of nowhere about a month and a half ago, which is great because their sound is so fresh and really good to get hooked on.

On August 20, The Maine made the announcement that this cool, brand new band would be supporting them all over their Free For All Tour and with that being said, it obviously made everyone start looking for who this band was.

Later on August 28th, Beach Weather self released their debut EP, What A Drag, which was produced by Sean Silverman (former member of This Century, current member of The Technicolors) and released over 8123.

If you happen to live in the US and are lucky enough to be able to catch any remaining date out of The Maine’s Free For All Tour you best be looking out for these guys too!

Check out “Wolf” below:

What A Drag is available for purchase on iTunes or you can give it a listen over Spotify!


Naty Cuéllar

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