[EXCLUSIVE] Night Drive Dive Into Their Favorite Vinyl Picks

Electro-pop duo, Night Drive, have a special bond formed by tragedy. Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon met after the woman they were both unknowingly dating died in a car crash. The duo later formed Night Drive as they were both inspired by sci-fi cinematic landscapes and the darker side of electro-pop, making their story one for the books. On June 16, the duo will release their debut self-titled album, featuring buzz track, “Rise and Fall.”

We are excited to have Night Drive kick off our exclusive Record Month content in honor of Record Store Day! The band shared their favorite vinyl picks along with some fun anecdotes to get you excited for RSD on April 22!

Rodney’s Picks

The Spits – ‘Vol.4’: I had gotten into The Spits an album previous to this one which has my favorite song on it, “Bring.” However, this is the record I put on the most by them. The first 4 songs are incredible. Just some of the best punk out there. So good.

The Walker Brothers – ‘Nite Flights’: Scott Walker wrote the first 4 songs on side A and its so poetically strange, dark and sophisticated. It really transports me every time I hear it. I can listen to “The Electrician” over and over again…and I usually am.

The Hunger Soundtrack (1983) – I believe this is out of print on vinyl, so if you see it you should get it. It’s such a haunting and beautiful original score with classical pieces by Schubert and Bach peppered throughout. I highly recommend the movie too.

Brandon’s Picks

Slowdive – ‘Souvlaki’: This album had a big influence upon me, musically. It made me want to start a band.

The Teenagers –  ‘Love No’: I wouldn’t consider this single my “favorite vinyl” but it sticks out for me at the moment because it was my first colored vinyl. I didn’t know there was such a thing before. A ton of remixes were included so it came in a 3-pack of 45s, red blue and yellow.

Electric Light Orchestra – ‘Time’: I was in a record store and the cover art attracted me to this one. I ended up buying it and it turned out to be my favorite ELO album. I like when things sync up like that.


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