[EXCLUSIVE] Missing Words Walk Us Through New EP, ‘Memories’

Long Beach electronic trio, Missing Words, premiered their debut single, “Memories,” right here this past fall, but if you missed all the hype, now’s your chance to fall in love with them. Today they release their debut EP of the same name – a collection of stories of youth-nostalgia, love and self-growth, i.e. all the elements music should have.

Produced by our buddy John Kunkel of The New Division, Memories offers a gorgeous array of electronic, pop and synth-wave to keep you on your toes for days! We asked the band to share some insight into the EP in this exclusive track-by-track commentary. Enjoy as you take the EP for a spin below!


The writing for “Memories” took place about two years ago while we were trying to find the sound for Missing Words. The original version was very different. It felt slower, not in tempo more in the feeling, more chillwave sounding I guess. We actually performed the old version a couple times in local venues. But we decided it was time to get the album really going so Colin Wood (guitar player) reached out to John Kunkel – writer and producer of The New Division – to see if he had any interest in helping produce our EP. After we talked for a couple of weeks about the project we met and started the process of recording the EP. “Memories” was the first song we recorded…I want say it took about two sessions the finish the track.

“My Passenger”

This is probably the first song I wrote that is on the EP. It was one of those songs that just came out of my head really fast. I think I wrote the whole structure of the song in probably about 4 hours with the help of some late night cocktails. This song was written about, who would have guessed it, love. My girlfriend Betty inspired the lyrics in this song. It’s about the feeling of when you care for someone so much that when you’re with them, you feel that you are in your own world – where nothing can stop you from feeling such.


Its funny, I actually programmed alright on a Korg electribe before ever putting the song on a daw. So when we brought this track to John we pretty much rewrote the whole song. The original name of the track was “Whole Again” but after writing the lyrics and hearing the chanting of, ‘I just wanted everything to be alright,’ it seemed pretty fitting to name it simply “Alright.” It’s about young love & insecurities and the feeling of being whole again.

“Howl At The Moon”

This was another song that was made on my korg electribe. I was messing around one day, I didn’t intend for anything to come out of it. The idea actually sat on my computer for about year. Then as the release date of the album grew closer we realized that the album felt a little short and it was in need of an anthem. Colin and Nestor were the ones who told me that we should redo this track so I dug up the lyrics and dusted the track off my electribe and reproduced it on Ableton before finalizing it with John. The song when I wrote it at first was in a way, a joke about how people believe their lives are so difficult when many are suffering far worse.


“4AM” was just a track that I made for fun one day and I thought it worked perfect for an interlude for the EP. I think John and I reworked this song in about an hour in his studio.

“Enough Is Enough”

This song is the album closer and sums up the story of the album that true love can’t be stopped and that we all strive to be more than we are. It fades out with a screaming guitar filled with hurt and hope for the future.

Memories is available now here.

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