[EXCLUSIVE] LACEI Walks Us Through New EP, ’11:11′

LA-based duo, LACEI – comprised of Jessica Lombardozzi and Viktor Ahlgren – recently released their debut EP, 11:11, and if you haven’t heard it yet, now is your chance to hop on the bandwagon! We’re suckers for some good electro-pop and this four-track EP doesn’t disappoint in that area as stories of heartbreak, confusion and healing come into play to form the perfect introduction for the duo.

We asked LACEI to give us the inside scoop on the tracks on 11:11 and they delivered with a killer track-by-track commentary. Enjoy as you take the EP for a spin below!

“Right Here”

The opening track, “Right Here,” came about after morphing an old mellow song into a completely new one. The record has a more drum and bass vibe to it. The lyrics tell about someone who feels invisible. They’re “right here” but no one sees them. They’re living in a hostile environment, and no one sees how it’s affecting them. It’s literally making them sick – “you’re all so cold, you’re sick like mold, you don’t know what you do to me.”


Second release, “Sufferer” all started from a drum loop that we tweaked and eventually built the whole song around. The record contains all kinds of crazy textures, synthesizers and electric guitar, and the result turned out pretty interesting. “Sufferer” comes from the idea that some people enjoy intentional suffering especially if they feel guilty about something. Maybe we all like suffering in a twisted way.

“Cold Moon”

After spending about a year writing music and experimenting with different sounds, “Cold Moon” became the first record to really showcase who LACEI is sonically. It was the first song recorded for the EP. “Cold Moon” is about someone who is lonely and cold like a rocky moon. They are out in the universe feeling on their own even though they are surrounded by a universe.

“Somewhere Beyond the Stars Pt. 1”

The last track of the EP is more of an interlude. It’s an introduction to what’s coming next. “Somewhere Beyond the Stars Pt. 1” is about something or someone you’re far away from but also close to in a certain sense. “And we drive around, drive to bottom the stars frown,” is essentially that you’re wandering through life aimlessly and the stars frown on you until you accept & realize your truth.

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