October ’15

Dearest Listeners,

Well here we are at the beginning of October. You’ll probably hear me say this every month, but how is it October already?! While September was an exciting month for new music, this month shall be even more epic! We have lots to cover so I hope you guys are ready for what October brings!

Back in June, I bought tickets to see my favorite band in the entire world, Garbage, in honor of the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. That show is only 3 weeks away! This past summer was brutal for me so opening my writing drawer to see that ticket staring back at me was so reassuring. There will be lots of excitement built around that show and the re-release of their newly mastered debut (out 10/2!!) that I’m sure will make you all question my sanity but frankly, I do not care. :p

Our monthly mixtape takes on a rather dark, Halloween theme this month, along with a few tracks we’ve been obsessed with lately. I seem to always put newcomers, flor, first simply because they’ve encompassed everything I’ve been going through lately. New track, “Let Me In,” is so gorgeous; the goosebumps I got from listening to it for the first time were indescribable. It’s terrifying to ask someone who doesn’t fully know you yet to let you in, especially when they’ve probably been asked the same thing from lots of other people. Yet there’s a part of you that’s always dying on the inside, trying to show them that if they just step back from the chaos for a bit and give you a chance, they might like what you have to offer; that maybe not being like the other girls will finally be something they will appreciate. There’s always going to be that silly part of me, because of past circumstances, that worries about being too much effort. Basically, I have no chill lately.

This month brings about some exciting releases! From Selena Gomez’s Revival (the title says it all) on 10/9 to Small Black’s Best Blues on 10/16, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Up-and-comer, BØRNS, also releases his debut, Dopamine, on 10/16 which will probably start it all for him while The Neighbourhood offer up their sophomore effort, Wiped Out!, on 10/30 which so far sounds like a Drake-inspired R&B anthem record. Curiosity ensues.

Wherever this month takes you, I hope the sounds you discover here are worth bringing along for the ride.

Listen. Love. Share. Repeat.