April ’16

Happy April, listeners!

You know what this means! We are turning ONE YEAR OLD on the 22nd!!! Time sure does fly. It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready to launch, afraid that none of this would ever take off. I’m sure you know I’m about to get all mushy here so gather around and let me tell you a story!

I mentioned last month how The Daily Listening came about, but the weeks preparing for our April 22nd launch are some I will never forget.

I knew I needed a killer logo, but being the (broke) rookie that I am, I had no idea how that would ever come about. I’m no graphic designer nor am I a pro at anything art related. Just call me the stick figure queen. I even asked around on LinkedIn – which, in hindsight, was a terrible idea as I was met with some of the rudest people on the planet who ultimately told me it couldn’t be done. That only fueled my fire even more. There’s no better challenge than proving people wrong.

So there I was, wondering if I made the right choice in starting a site to begin with while the dilemma of having no way to pay for a killer, distinctive logo loomed over my head. I considered a lot of boring options that my gut did not agree with but then fate intervened…(hey, at least it happened in one instance of my life!)

This is when the lovely Naty Cuèllar came into the picture. I had seen some of her previous work and fell in love with it. I knew she and I had the same vision when it came to design only she was the pro and I was the one pointing at the screen and yelling, “THAT! YES!” When I asked her to do our logo, I mentioned what I wanted and by some crazy miracle, she came up with exactly what I had envisioned all along…and when I say “exactly,” I mean EXACTLY! Sometimes we have our own vision of things and it’s hard to translate that to someone else and have it be 100% what you wanted but this…this is something I look back on whenever I have doubts about luck or serendipity. It reminds me that things are possible and I’ll never forget that feeling of sheer joy when she showed me the finished product. Seeing it on the site for the first time eased my anxiety over the launch. I then knew that everything, in time, would be okay. Fun fact: We have another logo color that might be introduced one day. Don’t count on it for a while, though. Pink has my heart forever. :p

When I look back over the past year, I can’t help but marvel at all we have accomplished so far. I know I say this a lot, but I honestly never expected this to take off as well as it did. I live and breathe TDL. When I’m not working on it, I miss it. Now, when people ask me what I do, I don’t tense up anymore. I’m humbled to tell them that I run this site and that I have the opportunity to share new music with the world while enforcing kindness all around.

I wasn’t sure if thanking every single person I’ve ever worked with would be weird – and believe me, if I could, I would – but I don’t want to leave anyone out so here is a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has ever showed interest in us! We appreciate it immensely and wouldn’t be where we are today without any of you! You’re a part of this team as much as any of us are. Artists, publicists, managers, etc – you’re the real MVPs! Just know that all of your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. <3

Thank you to BUZZNET for being the place that started it all for me. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start my own site in the first place. Oh, and thanks for still wanting me there. :p

Thank you to my lovely, beautiful, talented, competent, and inspiring writers – Naty, Dora, Chloe, Morgan and Katelyn. I honestly still cannot believe how I lucky I got with this team. I refuse to believe that coincidence played a part in any of this. How is it possible that I managed to find 5 other introverts who live and breathe music?! Thank you for your friendship, for always looking out for TDL’s best interests, sharing and fighting for the same mission and for believing in me and this site. We desperately need to arrange a meet-up sometime in the near future!

I’m not sure how two simple words can suffice for any of this but…thank you. <3

On to the next one!

Listen. Love. Share. Repeat.